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    News — sales tips

    Bracelet Fitting Boosts Sales

    Bracelet Fitting Boosts Sales

    Our most successful retailers report that on average they sell one bracelet for every three they personally adjust on a potential customer’s wrist while sharing its origin story. This simple act often multiplies product turnover because it changes a customer's thoughts from "Will they fit me?" to "Which one looks best on me?"

    We’ve created a video which demonstrates the proper way to provide individual customer fittings and encourage all of our retailers to watch it.  

    We feel confident that this can increase sales and encourage our retailers to post a small sign near our displays in their stores that lets customers know to ask for a custom fitting. Some of our stores who have utilized this to great results can be seen below.

    Here is a video of the Branson, Missouri Copper Jewelry Store staff fitting bracelets. Thanks to their helpful adjusting, they've been a top seller of our work for years!

    Norman in Mystic, Connecticut even developed his own way of adjusting.  

    And here is another retailer who confidently tries our bracelets correctly.