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    Sergio Saudering a Copper Bracelet 1990's Production

      Trained as an architect in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sergio realized his creativity could be more freely expressed as a jewelry designer. With access to an abundance of silver, Sergio’s introduction to copper began when he started adding copper into his work for color.

    “That is when I discovered the red metal and how friendly it is. Soon I was a copper fan and it became my primary medium. That was 47 years ago and our love affair is still  strong. I feel more at ease and creative working with copper than with any other  metal.”  - Sergio Lub

    Our Primary Materials Include:

    Pure Copper – The red/pink-ish metal found in many of our bracelets.

    Jewelers’ Brass – The golden metal we use is an alloy (mixture of metals) containing approximately 85% pure copper and 15% zinc.
        - Zinc is another essential trace mineral for the human body...

    German Silver – German Silver is the primary white metal we use. It is an alloy of 65% pure copper mixed with zinc and nickel.

    Magnets - Each of our Magnetic Bracelets contains 2 magnets, (one at each end), positioned to be worn over the wrist’s pressure points.

    We also incorporate Sterling Silver and Gold in some of our designs.

    The metals we work with have all been tested, and are free of any lead, mercury or other contaminants that are commonly found in industrial grade copper.