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    Bracelet Size Chart

    Bracelets Sizes

    Small - For wrists up to 6" in diameter
    * Common children’s size, & for a petite size wrist…

    Medium - For wrists 6" to 7" in diameter
    * For most Women, and some Men of medium build...

    Large - For wrists 7" to 8" in diameter
    * Most common Men’s size, & also for a more voluptuous lady.

    X-Large - For an 8"+ diameter wrist

    When you have the bracelet on, there will be a gap between the two metal ends. This gap should be approximately 1” wide… (between .75” & 1.25”)
    -  If the gap is wider, you may consider choosing a larger bracelet.  
    - If the gap is narrower, than consider choosing a smaller size bracelet.




    Custom Fitting & Adjusting Your Bracelet

    Sergio Adjusting Bracelet

    To ensure the longevity and durability of our jewelry, we carefully anneal each bracelet.  Although invisible to the eye, we take this step in our production to strengthen the metals, increase the piece's longevity, and encourage each bracelet to easily adjust to their individual unique wrist.  A properly fitted bracelet will provide reliable and comfortable contact of copper with skin.


    * Since every wrist is unique, each bracelet will need custom fitting the first time you try it on.

    The “Sweetest” way get your cuff bracelet on & off…

    There is an area about 2” above the base of your hand…

    It is slightly higher (& often wider) than your actual wrist.

    We call this “The Sweet Spot

    Not to be fooled with its larger appearance, this same area is softer and more forgiving than your actual ‘bony’ wrist. With a little more squish, the bracelet has a little more give.

    1. Apply one end of the bracelet on the soft underside of your wrist, about 2” above the base of your hand.
      - i.e. The Sweet Spot
    2. Roll the other end of the bracelet over this spot (in-between your wrist and your arm).
    3. Slide the bracelet down over the wrist bone toward your hand.

    * A bracelet that is your size will allow you to roll on and off (steps 1 & 2) without further bending.

    See Video Showing this handy technique...