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    Sergio Lub is an American artist of Russian descent, born in Argentina in 1953.   Trained as an architect in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sergio realized his creativity could be more freely expressed as a jewelry designer. With access to an abundance of silver, Sergio’s introduction to copper began when he started adding copper into his work for color.
    “That is when I discovered the red metal and how friendly it is. Soon I was a copper fan and it became my primary medium. That was 47 years ago and our love affair is still  strong. I feel more at ease and creative working with copper than with any other  metal.” - Sergio Lub
     Sergio’s son, Nikolas, and daughter Sonia inherited their father’s love for copper, and continue their family tradition of creating jewelry together in their studios in Northern California.    Lubs, at their Family home in Oakville, California - Napa Valley
    Nikolas, Gaye, Sergio & Sonia Lub... in their Napa Valley Family Home (November 2016)

    Preserving Cultural Traditions

    An avid researcher, Sergio has traveled every continent learning his craft. From the Andes to the Himalayas, the Sahara to the Amazon, Sergio met with master craftsmen who taught him ancient metalworking techniques, and shared their inherent beliefs of wearing metals for health and vitality.  Sergio respectfully preserves these cultural traditions by incorporating them in the design and creation of his jewelry.

    “While traveling around the world I always made a point of meeting colleagues,” Sergio says. “It was not a problem if we didn’t share a common language, I just needed to show some of my work for them to invite me in and show me their pieces.  Often we would end up in their shops doing demonstrations for each other.”





    We individually handcraft each of our bracelets using traditional techniques, that have been passed down for generations.
    We use only solid metals in our bracelets, meaning there is no metal plating to ever wear off or chip away. The metals in our bracelets primarily consist of pure copper and different copper alloys such as; Jewelers’ Brass and German Silver.
    Each of our bracelets are annealed to enhance their strength and flexibility.