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    #staywithsmall Soulfire Project

    As a small business made up of family members, and extended family members comprised of artists and artisans who create beautiful things with their hands, we empathize with many others like us who are currently trying to keep afloat during these trying times of the coronavirus. It’s important in this age to support each other in any way we can, which is why we enjoy sharing the fruits of those dear to us in this space here. 

    Today, we are celebrating the release of The Soulfire Project’s latest album No Borders. The Soulfire Project includes members of the Morgan family who have been neighbors and lifelong friends of ours here in Napa.

    The band is a multi-cultural, nomadic music experience that fuses reggae and cumbia with folk, Afro-Latin, and Caribbean elements, weaving a tapestry of world music that embraces the resilience of the human spirit. With one fist raised in solidarity and the other hand inviting us to join the movement, the group’s powerful blend of world beats and infectious harmonies stand out as a passionate call for coherence between consciousness and action.


    Touring the Americas since 2009 in their home/studio, a converted 1979 school bus that runs on used vegetable oil and solar power, The SoulFire Project has grown from the street, to the stage, to world music festivals in Central America, Europe and the US.

    Interweaving musical genres and languages, with songs in English, Spanish and Portuguese, the new album features musicians from 13 countries, jumping all kinds of geographical borders as well.


    More information on Soulfire Project


    There is a new hashtag roaming the social media circuits these days called #staywithsmall. It arose in response to the current pandemic as businesses across the nation found themselves shuttering their doors to shelter in place, or local artists and creators were forced to utilize new ways to spread the word about their products, creations, and art online. In support of #staywithsmall we are temporarily turning our blog into a place to share profiles of small businesses we adore. If you’d like to be featured, contact us at