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    Five Ways to Clean Your Copper Bracelet

    Five Ways to Clean Your Copper Bracelet

    Traditionally, copper bracelets can be maintained with a soft polishing cloth. Regular rubbing is usually all that is needed to keep your bracelet sparkling and beautiful. In the case that your bracelet becomes tarnished, here are five simple ways to clean it. 

    Vinegar and Salt Method
    Pour white vinegar and salt over copper bracelet and rub in to remove all tarnish.
    Rinse off and polish with a soft, dry cloth.

    Vinegar and Salt Method Two
    Place one tablespoon salt and one cup white vinegar into a pot.
    Fill with water.
    Place copper bracelet in pot.
    Bring to boil until all tarnish comes off.
    Once cool, wash with soap and water and dry.

    Lemon Lime Method
    Cut a lemon or lime in half.
    Sprinkle half with salt and rub all over tarnished copper bracelet until clean.
    Rub with a Scotch Brite pad or rough side of a sponge.
    Polish with beeswax for a lasting shine.

    Salt, Vinegar, and Flour Method
    Place one tablespoon salt and one cup white vinegar in a bowl.
    Gradually add flour and mix together until a paste forms.
    Apply the paste to the copper bracelet, rubbing over the tarnished areas.
    Leave to sit for fifteen minutes to one hour.
    Rinse with warm water and polish.

    Ketchup Method
    Works best for small areas of tarnish.
    Rub a thin to moderate film of ketchup over tarnished areas.
    Let sit for fifteen minutes.
    Rub with a non-scratch pad.
    Wash off.


    Adapted from Wiki-How